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Welcome to our Centre for Focusing-Oriented Therapy

Specializing in Treatment and Training for Complex Trauma

We are an association of therapists, practitioners and trainers who have graduated from a program that uses a technique called 'focusing oriented therapy'. We have found that using focusing techniques in counselling has helped many people to overcome their challenges deeply and effectively. Using this body-centered, client-centred approach, we are passionate about helping you to live your best life. We offer a wide variety of counselling services, resources, and training opportunities for other therapists.


Focusing-oriented therapy: a way to deepen experiencing for more effective psychotherapy

In the mid 1960s, a philosophy student named Eugene Gendlin started asking some hard questions about the process of psychotherapy: "Why doesn't therapy succeed more often?... When it does succeed, what is it that those patients and therapists do?


Especially helpful with trauma and stuck places, focusing-oriented therapy can be applied to any issue

This inner process called focusing, provides therapists with powerful and effective tools for helping clients reach their own inner resources to resolve issues. By incorporating focusing-oriented therapy into a deep understanding of complex trauma, we have made huge strides in helping people move through trauma with safety, dignity and elegance.


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